The Miss Universe Contestant Revealed The Competition’s Black Sheet

The miss Universe Contestant revealed the competition’s black sheet, Six participants recently read a black letter about the Miss Universe Indonesia pageant, which was held in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. In fact, the contestants’ models have leveled serious accusations against the competition’s administrators and claimed to have experienced sexual abuse. She was made to remove her top in front of 20 spectators. Additionally, the individuals seated there recorded movies and took a lot of pictures of him. The women have reported the organizers to the police following the competition.

The incident was made public following the Miss Universe Indonesia pageant, which took place in Jakarta, Indonesia, from July 29 to August 3. Six contestants in this beauty pageant said that they were transferred to a different room during the competition while there were already roughly 20 people present, most of whom were men and some of whom were women. Five to five girls were asked to remove their tops in front of them, and those seated there took pictures and recorded films of them.

The Indonesian Police and the Federal Investigation Agency are looking into the severe claim made by six girls. Police claim to have also unearthed some significant evidence, however when members of the media went to speak with the organizer, he would not comment. Let us state that PT Kapela Karya was responsible for organizing Miss Universe Indonesia. Given that Indonesia is a Muslim-majority nation, many religious organizations in this area are likewise opposed to such beauty pageants. Let us inform you that Muthia Rachman has been crowned this year’s Miss Universe Indonesia. She will compete in the 2023 Miss Universe pageant as Indonesia’s representative.

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