Putin Wishes North Korea a Happy Liberation Day

Putin wishes North Korea a happy Liberation Day On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed enhancing ties with North Korea. Putin made this statement when congratulating dictator Kim Jong Un on the occasion of North Korea’s Liberation Day. According to a statement from the Kremlin on behalf of Putin, I am confident that we will continue to work together to stabilize the region of North East Asia for the sake of the Korean Peninsula and our people.

Putin also brought up the previous interactions between Russia and North Korea. In his essay, he said that the tough war with Japan and Korea’s subsequent independence laid the groundwork for close connections between Moscow and Korea.

Russia and North Korea are both subject to strict Western sanctions. Many European nations, including the United States, put sanctions on Russia after it attacked Ukraine. Western nations have long-standing sanctions against North Korea in place at the same time.

Sergei Shoigu, the minister of defense of Russia, was invited as the chief guest to North Korea’s Victory Day Parade on July 27. He commended the cooperation between Russia and North Korea when he met his North Korean colleague, Defense Minister Kang Sun Nam, in Pyongyang. Then, in North Korea’s defense demonstration, he also witnessed ballistic missiles.

North Korean rockets were allegedly used by Ukrainian military during the conflict. The Financial Times reports that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense stated they had obtained these rockets from Russian servicemen. In the vicinity of the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, the army has been spotted employing North Korean weapons. The United States has also charged North Korea with shipping weapons to Russia. America has accused dictator Kim repeatedly of sending weapons by ship to Russia. The US accusations have continuously been denied by both nations. But authoritarian Kim has frequently defended Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

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