President Biden’s Problem Increases : Complaint Filed

President Joe Biden left India for Vietnam to attend the G-20 summit. His difficulties increased as he returned to his native United States. The US House of Representatives has ordered an impeachment inquiry against him. This announcement was made by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday. Kevin McCarthy has directed the House to launch an impeachment investigation into business dealings involving President Joe Biden’s family. McCarthy said the House investigation so far “paints a picture of a culture of corruption” around the Biden family, as the Republican Party has been investigating the business dealings of Democratic leader Biden’s son Hunter even before he took office.

“These are allegations of abuse of power, interference and corruption that the House of Representatives needs to thoroughly investigate,” McCarthy, who represents California, said on the House floor. Impeachment investigation on Biden. The White House has criticized McCarthy’s move. He criticized the move amid the presidential election campaign, calling it “low-level politics”.

“House Republican leaders have been investigating the president for nine months and have found no evidence of wrongdoing,” White House spokesman Ian Sams said, pointing to McCarthy’s earlier statements. There will be no legal validity. Sams said McCarthy ‘has walked back his statements because he doesn’t have enough support.’

The US President recently visited India to attend the G-20 summit. Here he held bilateral talks with India and other countries. During the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Joe Biden discussed defence, technology and other issues. Biden praised India for cutting export duties on grains. India also appreciated the steps taken by India regarding the economic corridor being built between the Middle East and Europe. After this Biden went on a visit to Vietnam. From there, upon his arrival in America, instructions have been given regarding the impeachment inquiry against him.

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