NASA Finds The Place On The Moon:

NASA finds the place on the Moon,where Russia’s Luna-25 crashed

NASA finds the place on the Moon When Chandrayaan 3 of India began its lunar mission. Following that, Russia’s Luna 25 abruptly accelerated toward the Moon and crashed there. Russian spacecraft Chandrayaan Luna 25 crashed at this location, according to American space agency NASA. There is now a sizable pit there. Prior to Chandrayaan from India, the Russian Luna-25 spacecraft was on its way to the Moon’s south pole when it lost touch with the ground station as it entered pre-landing orbit. Later, it was discovered that the spacecraft lost control and hit the moon’s surface. The location of the likely crash site for Russia’s Luna 25 has now been identified by NASA. A new lunar crater has been found by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) satellite. the accident of the Luna-25 spacecraft on August 19.

NASA has noted the formation of a sizable crater where this spacecraft had crashed. The Russian space agency Roscosmos revealed the predicted location of the crash spot on August 21, according to a NASA report. On August 22, the LROC crew and mission operations team were successful in creating and executing orders to capture the LRO spacecraft. According to NASA, the process of taking these pictures began at 2.15 pm on August 24 and took around 4 hours to complete.

The LROC team discovered a tiny fresh crater by comparing photos obtained before and after the impact. This area was originally captured by LRO in June 2022. The LRO team came to the conclusion that this new crater was created by the Luna-25 mission as opposed to a natural impact since it is near to the area where Luna-25 is expected to crash. The fresh crater has a diameter of ten meters. The distance to the Luna-25 landing location is around 400 kilometers.
Since 1976, just one spacecraft has been sent to the moon: Russia’s Luna-25. On August 10, Russia launched the Luna-25 spacecraft. On August 21, Russia planned to land a spacecraft on the south pole of the moon. When the spacecraft was being positioned in the pre-landing orbit, it spun out of control. The thruster continued to run excessively, according to the Russian Space Agency, which caused it to drift directly towards the Earth.

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