Judge Shoots Wife Dead in California, USA

Judge Shoots Wife Dead in California, USA

A California judge has been accused of shooting his wife while under the influence. After the shooting he is said to have texted a colleague, “I won’t be in tomorrow, I’ll be put in detention.” Tuesday. A court hearing was held. It was revealed in court that when officers arrived at the home of Judge Jeffrey Ferguson, they found dozens of guns and 26,000 rounds of ammunition, and found his wife shot in the chest. And she was gone from this world.

Prosecutors said Ferguson, 72, was under the influence when he was arrested and told police, “Okay, I think I’m done for a while.” A Los Angeles court heard that Ferguson and his wife, Sheryl, were arguing over dinner at a restaurant in the Anaheim suburb near their home.

Orange County Deputy District Attorney Christopher Alex told the court that during the August 3 altercation, Judge “pointed a finger at his wife in imitation of a gun.” The argument continued at the home, at which point Ferguson pulled out his pistol and shot his wife in the chest at close range.

Alex told the court that Ferguson called 911 and a paramedic, saying his wife had been shot. When a dispatcher asked if he had fired a weapon, he told them he did not want to discuss the issue at that time. After hanging up the phone, Ferguson sent this message to his court clerk and bailiff: “I just lost it, I just shot my wife. I’m not in tomorrow.

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